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Radon Mitigation Pittsburgh Pa

Pittsburgh radon pros are the premier radon mitigation contractors in PA. We provide radon mitigation services, radon testing, and install radon mitigation systems. Radon is a big problem in Pittsburgh thus we provide these services to help educate and mitigate radon’s effect in Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh Radon Mitigation Services:

Servicing our great city and state is the hallmark at Pittsburgh radon pros. We provide the following professional Pittsburgh radon mitigation services.

Radon Testing Pittsburgh

Testing for radon is the very first step to protecting your family from radon gas. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection(DEP) estimate that an alarming 40% of homes in Pittsburgh have very high radon levels. Our Pittsburgh radon testing services help you know your radon levels, mitigate and remediate accordingly.

Radon Mitigation Pittsburgh

After radon detection comes radon mitigation. Our Pittsburgh radon mitigation services involve installing a custom radon mitigation system in your home. We also offer radon remediation services as well. Get our radon detection and control services today.

Radon Mitigation for Pittsburgh Home Buyers

 Owning a home in Pittsburgh, PA is a wonderful feel and amazing feet. Family and life is everything. As such, ensuring your home is tested and mitigated from radon is vital. Protect Your Home and Family Today{button, protect family}

Radon Mitigation for Pittsburgh Real Estate Agents

 It is recommended that homes in Pennsylvania be tested for radon before being sold. This is due to the fact that an average of 4 out of 10 houses in the state have very high levels of radon. As such, as a real estate agent, it is paramount your properties have radon detection and mitigation in place.

What Is Radon Gas?

Radon is an odorless, invisible, radioactive gas formed from the breakdown of uranium in soils and rocks. This breakdown produces gas that enters your home from the ground through cracks in the foundation.

Radon is a deadly, cancer-causing gas. It is the second biggest cause of lung cancer, second only to cigarette smoking.

How Does Radon Get In Pittsburgh Home?

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection estimate that 4 out of 10 homes in Pittsburg have radon levels above its minimum recommendation. Radon enters your home through cracks, holes and spaces in it. These cracks can be in your walls, basement, and other places with openings. You could be living with radon in your home as we speak. Therefore, Pittsburgh radon testing is essential.

Pennsylvania Radon Map

Having an idea about the radon levels in Pennsylvania is a must. In fact it recommended before radon testing Pa or even radon mitigation Pittsburgh pa. 40% of homes in the state have radon action levels above average.

Both the EPA and the DEP recommend radon action levels be below 4 picocuries per liter. Radon levels above 4.0pCi/L are considered highly dangerous. That’s why radon mitigation Pittsburgh Pa is recommended. 

From the map, counties like Allegheny County, Beaver County, Fayette County, Washington County, Greene County and Westmoreland County average levels between 7-8pCi/L

You can see more on the Pa radon levels by zip code here.

Pennsylvania Radon Map

Why Should I Worry About Radon In Pennsylvania?

You may still be asking do I need radon mitigation Pittsburgh pa company? Or do i even need to conduct radon testing in my Pittsburgh one. Well, the following reasons illustrate why the answer to the question is in the affirmative

Radon Levels in Pittsburgh are high

As mentioned earlier, the average radon levels in Pittsburgh counties is between 7-8pCi/L. Furthermore, 40% of homes in the city have dangerously high levels. This is the case because Pennsylvania as a state has the third-highest radon levels in America.

With these high radon readings, having a radon contractor come test and install a Pa radon mitigation system in your home is vital. Get a Pittsburgh radon mitigation system installed today.

Radon Causes Cancer

Research has shown that plays a big role in the number of cancer cases in America. According to EPA studies, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. It is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smoking individuals.

Furthermore, radon is credited with causing over Twenty-One Thousand (21,000) deaths yearly. This number is more alarming when compared to other deadly gas. Radon causes 49x more deaths than carbon monoxide does.

These two reasons alone should give you an understanding of the effects of continuous radon exposure. As such, get a radon mitigation contractor in Pittsburgh to come install a proper radon remediation system in place.

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Our Happy Customers

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our esteemed customers have to say about our radon services.

 ”A month after we moved into our home, we heard about radon. I did a google search and they came up. They did extremely well to educate us about radon and its effect. We asked about radon mitigation cost in Pittsburgh and they gave us a free estimate. Our radon levels have been low ever since and I cannot be more grateful”

Chris Martin

Veronica Sol

“As a cancer survivor myself, I knew about radon. So when I moved my family to our new home from Boston, I made it a must to have a radon mitigation system in place. The Pittsburgh radon mitigation system they installed in our home is still in place and works just as fine. Our home levels are still under 1.0 and I cannot be happier. Totally recommend them”

Teddy Marshall

“These guys were recommended to me by a colleague. As a real estate agent, it’s my duty to ensure homes I sell are tested for radon. I gave them a call and in a few hours, they came down to the properties we had for sale and had everything set up. I have even had them install a radon remediation system in my office building. Very professional radon mitigation contractors.”


Radon Services We Provide Pittsburgh

Radon Testing Pittsburgh Pa

The best way to know if your home and family are safe from radon is to test for it. Conducting Pittsburgh radon testing is basically measuring the radon levels in your home and ascertaining if its above 4.0pCi/L

Carrying out radon testing is vital because radon levels in Pennsylvania are high. Also, radon causes lung cancer and is responsible for over 21,000 annual deaths.

We serve Pittsburgh residents in providing radon testing Pittsburgh, to measure exact radon levels. This gives you an idea of whether radon remediation or radon mitigation Pittsburgh is needed. There are several free radon testing kits in Pennsylvania which you can use. However, it is advisable that a radon mitigation contractor detect and control radon. Give a top Contractor a call today on (412) 900-0910.

Radon Mitigation Pittsburgh Pa

After you’ve tested for radon and confirmed your levels are exceedingly high, radon mitigation is next. Pittsburgh radon mitigation essentially entails installing a functional radon mitigation system in place. We do this by fixing a custom-built mitigation system tailored to your home type. 

Using the right radon mitigation contractor is as important as the type system installed. You want to hire a certified radon mitigation contractor who knows what they are doing. A faulty system can leave you with far worse radon levels and put your family at risk. CALL (412) 900-0910 Now

Radon Remediation Pittsburgh

We also provide Pittsburgh radon remediation services. Radon remediation is basically techniques to help reduce radon and its spread in a building. We use industry recommended techniques to not only measure but also control the radon in Pittsburgh.

The radon remediation Pittsburgh techniques we use can sometimes differ from the mitigation systems we install. This depends on several factors you can find here

Radon Remediation Pittsburgh

Radon Mitigation System Pittsburgh:

So after testing for radon and knowing you need radon mitigation, what radon mitigation system do you install?

There are various radon mitigation systems Pittsburgh available to help reduce and remove radon. Each of these systems is unique in terms of price, size, and installation.

In deciding which radon mitigation system to install, several factors are to be considered. Factors such as the size of your home, the type of foundation, the age, and house type are to be considered. Again, the radon mitigation system cost Pittsburgh is to be considered. 

The radon mitigation systems Pittsburgh can be grouped into the following:

Active & Passive soil depressurization systems, the sub-slab, and crawlspace systems. Read more about these systems here.

These two reasons alone should give you an understanding of the effects of continuous radon exposure. As such, get a radon mitigation contractor in Pittsburgh to come install a proper radon remediation system in place.

Radon Mitigation System Cost Pittsburgh:

You now know the radon mitigation system Pittsburgh there are, how much does it cost to install them?

Each radon mitigation system commands a different level of pricing. This is owing to the fact that each mitigation system is custom-built for each house. Also, each building differs from one another in terms of size, age, and makeup. Thus, the price is affected by each of the above-named factors.

The average cost of installing a radon mitigation system in Pittsburgh is around $1200.

Help Fill out the form here and we’ll give you a free estimate for radon mitigation Pittsburgh.

Frequently Asked Radon Removal Questions

Is radon common in Pittsburgh?:

Pittsburgh and the state of Pennsylvania, have one of the highest radon levels in America. 40% of Pittsburgh homes are estimated to have radon levels over 4.0pCi/L.

What is The Average radon Levels in Pittsburgh?:

The average levels of radon gas are 7-8pCi/L in the Greater Pittsburgh Region. Radon is highest in Allegheny, Beaver, Fayette, and Washington Counties.

How do I Know My Radon Levels in Pennsylvania?:

To know your home’s radon levels, you must test for radon using one of the testing devices. You can use a short or long term test device. However, for accurate and professional radon services, you should contact a certified radon contractor. Call us on (412) 900-0910.

Who Should I Call For Radon In Pittsburgh?:

If you want to test for radon or looking to install a radon mitigation system in Pittsburgh Pa, you should contact a certified radon contractor. This is so that they can do a professional job. We, the Pittsburgh Radon Pros, are well equipped in this regard. Give us a call now on (412) 900-0910.

How well are radon mitigation service providers trained?:

Our radon professionals are not only well trained but certified. They are licensed to test and mitigate radon in all of Pennsylvania.

Should I Buy A Home With High Radon Levels?

You should never buy a home with high radon levels unless a radon removal system is installed in. Radon is a deadly gas and staying in a home with high radon increases your risk of getting lung cancer.

My Radon test Came Back Low, Do I still need to worry about radon?:

It’s a good thing that your radon test results came back as low. However, you do not want to rest on your laurels. The EPA recommends frequent tests so you’re not caught off guard by radon.

I am a Real Estate Agent, How Do I Remove Radon from a home?

We speak with many real estate brokers and help them with radon services. As a broker, it is your duty to ensure your clients buy and live in a safe home. You want to contact a radon mitigation contractor to come test and install a radon removal system. 

Are Radon Removal Systems Unsightly?

Radon Mitigation systems are not always unsightly. It all depends on the radon contractor you have to install a radon mitigation system. Many do a very bad job and leave your home looking like a mess. At Pittsburgh radon pros, we ensure you not only have a working world-class removal system but one that is aesthetically pleasing

How Much Does Radon Removal Systems Cost?

The average price to install a radon removal system is between $1000 – $2000 in Pennsylvania. The cost to install one in your home will depend on several factors. The age, size, location, and type of house determine the cost of a radon removal system.