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Radon Test Kits Pennsylvania

Using a radon test kit in Pennsylvania is typically the first step is your radon mitigation or remediation journey. Either one of the paid or free radon test kits Pennsylvania can be used to detect and know your exact radon levels.

With a radon detection kit, you basically are carrying out a study to know if you need further action. Radon Testing is recommended by both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Both Agencies stipulate that test results which read above 4pCi/L require radon mitigation. You can call us the Pittsburgh Radon pros for your radon test needs in Pa today. Call on (412) 900-0910

Are There Free Radon Test Kits In Pennsylvania?

The government of Pennsylvania together with the DEP takes radon seriously. As such, they have launched several programs to help educate and protect residents of the state from radon.

Also, the American Lung Association offers radon test kits in Pennsylvania. You just have to go on their website, enter your zip code and they’ll be in touch. However, how long it takes for them to send one over can be unpredictable and frustrating. Some people received theirs as early as a couple of weeks, whilst others took months!

Best Radon Testing Kits In Pennsylvania

Aside from the free radon test kits Pennsylvania. There are other radon test kits pa that work really well. Some are DIY radon test kits whilst others were made for professional use.

The available radon testing kits can be grouped into two categories. These categories are the Long term and Short term radon testing devices. They are so named due to how long they take in producing test results. Whilst the long term test devices take up to a few weeks to read radon levels, the short term ones produce results in a couple of days.

Let’s take a deep dive into the different types of both long and short term test kits. As well as examining the different features they have and their price range.

The Long Term Radon Test Kits Pennsylvania:

The long term radon gas detectors give accurate long term analysis of radon levels. Although results take several weeks and sometimes months, long term devices are very vital. This is so because it helps monitor radon levels over long periods and helps give constant readings. Radon levels can fluctuate and as such, if radon levels are not monitored over time, one can be left to believe a home is radon free just because the radon level was under 4.0 when it’s not.

These devices as one would expect, command a little more money than the short term test kits.

i} The Corentium Radon Test Kits by Airthings:

This testing kit monitors your radon levels daily, weekly, and all year round. Placed in strategic locations in homes, it is powered by batteries to detect radon gas. The price of the Airthings radon detectors is about  $180.

Airthings radon Test Kit
II} The Alpha Track Long term Test Kit by RSSI:

If you’re a homeowner in Pennsylvania, an Alpha track kit is a good way to think long term regarding radon testing. These kits can test for radon for several months and even all year round. Thus, it ensures you’re not caught off guard by the fluctuation of radon level.

iII} The Kansas University Long term Radon test Kits:

At Kansas University, Lawrence Kansas, there is a  National Radon Program running there.  They produce useful radon test kits that are used everywhere across America. Their kits read radon for 3 to 11 months. If you’re looking for an accurate radon measurement kit, you can do no wrong with this one.

Kansas University Test Kit

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The Short Term Radon Test Kits Pennsylvania:

If you’re looking for quick radon test kits, see some of the short term kits discussed below.

As earlier mentioned, short term radon detectors detect radon in a number of days. Some provide results as quickly as two days others take a week or two. 

I} The Safety siren pro(Series 3) radon detector:

This is by far one of, if not the best Radon gas test kit out there. Evaluated and recommended by the EPA  itself, it meets all its safety requirements. The Safety siren pro Series 3, reads radon as fast as 48hours. The safety siren pro Series 3 is priced at  $150.

II} The short term Kansas University Radon Test Kit:

The National Radon Program Services at Kansas University, Lawrence, Kansas, provides one of the best Radon testing kits. Easy to use and read, it shows radon action levels in 48 hours as well. You can place an order online for this kit and get it delivered to your doorsteps. 

III} The First Alert RD1 Radon Detection kits:

The last of the short term radon measurement devices in Pennsylvania. Very easy to use and read it’s results. It is considered as the best DIY radon test kit on the market. Approved by the EPA for radon testing in homes. The First Alert kits provide readable results in roughly 2-3 days, after which samples are sent to the company lab and returned in two days to you.

First Alert Radon Test Kit
IV} The Accustar Carbon Radon Test Kit:

After Testing For Radon What Next?

If you used one of the short term radon testing devices, you will have to send the samples to a lab. After the results have been read and sent back to you, the next step is to install a radon mitigation system. This is assuming your radon levels are indeed high.

Our Happy Customers

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our esteemed radon customers have to say.

 ”A month after we moved into our home, we heard about radon. I did a google search and they came up. They did extremely well to educate us about radon and its effect. We asked about radon mitigation cost in Pittsburgh and they gave us a free estimate. Our radon levels have been low ever since and I cannot be more grateful”

Chris Martin

Veronica Sol

“As a cancer survivor myself, I knew about radon. So when I moved my family to our new home from Boston, I made it a must to have a radon mitigation system in place. The Pittsburgh radon mitigation system they installed in our home is still in place and works just as fine. Our home levels are still under 1.0 and I cannot be happier. Totally recommend them”

Teddy Marshall

“These guys were recommended to me by a colleague. As a real estate agent, it’s my duty to ensure homes I sell are tested for radon. I gave them a call and in a few hours, they came down to the properties we had for sale and had everything set up. I have even had them install a radon remediation system in my office building. Very professional radon mitigation contractors.”


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Do I Need To Send My Radon Test Results To a Lab?

Yes, you need to send your results to a radon lab for analysis. Only a certified radon contractor can effectively read the results via a radon lab. Call us to come test your home for radon today!

Radon Test Pittsburgh

How Do I Understand My Radon Test Results?

Understanding and interpreting radon test results is not as difficult as many assume it is. Here’s how to understand what your radon reading means.

If Your Radon Result is Less than 4 pCi/L-

This is the recommended level by the EPA and no immediate test is required. You, however, need to monitor this level ideally once every 6 months.

If Your Radon Results are Between 4-7 pCi/L-

This is above the “safe” level. As such, you not only need to conduct a further test or two but install a radon mitigation system in place to reduce the radon level. 

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If Your Radon Result Reads 8 pCi/L and above –

This is way above the safe level and is a cause for alarm. An alarming 40% of homes in Pennsylvania have levels in this range. If your home reads above 8pCi/L then arrangements for radon mitigation are needed immediately as well.

You can make arrangements for radon mitigation and remediation by speaking with our radon contractors on 412) 900-0910

Radon is a very deadly radioactive gas that not only causes lung cancer but is responsible for well over 21,000 deaths each year. Furthermore, the average radon level in Pennsylvania is near twice the national average.

Testing for radon is the first step to protecting your family from its harsh effects. After that, you want a radon mitigation contractor pa to help you remediate and reduce the radon in your house. 

Speak to us today and get a free quote. We will not only give you a fair estimate but also Educate you more about radon, Install a proper radon mitigation system and ensure you and your family are safe. Call us now 412) 900-0910

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