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Radon Testing Pittsburgh Pa

Radon Testing Pittsburgh is the first step to reducing and removing radon in your Pittsburgh Pa home. This basically means using a radon testing device to measure your home’s radon levels. You can use any of the available DIY radon test kits or employ a radon contractor to carry out the test.

Radon testing is the very first step in mitigating and removing radon. Carrying out a radon test is crucial as it helps you know if your home needs a radon mitigation system installed. 

It is vital you know if your radon levels are high. This is because radon continuous exposure to high radon levels can lead to serious health complications. Know your radon levels and get in touch with us for radon testing Pittsburgh today.

What is radon and how does Pittsburgh Radon Testing work?

Radon is an odorless, invisible, radioactive gas formed from the breakdown of uranium in soils and rocks. This breakdown produces gas that enters your home from the ground through cracks in the foundation. Radon gas also enters homes through openings in basements.

This gas is considered highly dangerous when it exceeds 4.0pCi/L according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Radioactivity exceeding 4.0pCi/L is the same amount of radiation in 100 chest X-rays!!!, or ten cigarettes a day!

Pittsburgh radon testing  is done to know whether a building has reached dangerous radon levels. This is the first step in radon removal and mitigation. Once dangerous radioactive levels are confirmed through radon test kits, radon mitigation Pittsburgh follows.

Why Should I Test My Pittsburgh Home For Radon?

It is simple really, testing for radon in Pittsburgh is non-negotiable. This is so because radon is a highly deadly radioactive gas, which continuous exposure can cause serious health issues. The deadliest of these issues is lung cancer. Radon is known to be the second-largest cause of lung cancer cases in America. 

Furthermore, radon is responsible for the death of over 21,000 people yearly. The alarming fact is that the numbers keep increasing. These two facts should let you know that radon testing Pittsburgh Pa is a must!

Again, the average radon levels in Pittsburgh counties are between 7-8pCi/L. Plus, about 40% of homes in the city have dangerously high levels. This is the case because Pennsylvania as a state has the third-highest radon levels in America.

Don’t deliberate any further. Contact our radon testing professionals at Pittsburgh Radon Pros today on (412) 900-0910.

How Long Will It Take To Test My Pittsburgh Home For Radon?

It is important to stress that radon measurement/testing is different and radon remediation. Testing for radon is done using either the short term radon test kits or the long term kits. 

Testing a home in Pittsburgh for radon can take as short as 24hours. This is so if a short term radon test kit is used. However, if a long term testing kit is used, results can take weeks to arrive. The later test kits do however read more accurate radon levels than short term kits.

There are several DIY radon test kits as well as free radon testing kits in Pittsburgh one can use. However, it is advisable for a certified radon mitigation contractor like us to carry out the testing. Since radon is a very delicate subject, testing for it should be left to Pa certified radon mitigators.

Pittsburgh Radon Testing

Our Happy Customers

Still on the fence? Listen to what our past radon test and mitigation customers have to say about our impeccable service!

 ”A month after we moved into our home, we heard about radon. I did a google search and they came up. They did extremely well to educate us about radon and its effect. We asked about radon mitigation cost in Pittsburgh and they gave us a free estimate. Our radon levels have been low ever since and I cannot be more grateful”

Chris Martin
Veronica Sol

“As a cancer survivor myself, I knew about radon. So when I moved my family to our new home from Boston, I made it a must to have a radon mitigation system in place. The Pittsburgh radon mitigation system they installed in our home is still in place and works just as fine. Our home levels are still under 1.0 and I cannot be happier. Totally recommend them”

Teddy Marshall

“These guys were recommended to me by a colleague. As a real estate agent, it’s my duty to ensure homes I sell are tested for radon. I gave them a call and in a few hours, they came down to the properties we had for sale and had everything set up. I have even had them install a radon remediation system in my office building. Very professional radon mitigation contractors.”


How Often Should I test For Radon In Pittsburgh?

Both the EPA and the Pennsylvania DEP recommend that homes be tested regularly. Both agencies advise that radon be tested for at least three times yearly. This is so that you do not get caught unaware by an increase in your radon levels.

If the first test for radon reads low, you’re not necessarily in the clear yet. Further tests need to be carried out over time to be certain. This is why using long term testing kits are advised. Also, it is why a radon contractor is recommended. Get in touch with one today on (412) 900-0910.

Radon Mitigation Pittsburgh Pa

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Radon Testing Cost Pittsburgh

As with many cities in America, the radon testing cost Pittsburgh depends on the kits used. Also, the price can be affected by the radon contractor who conducts the test. There are two radon testing devices that are used to test do radon.

The Passive Testing Devices, which typically cost between $30 to $10 or the Active Testing Devices set which on their own cost anywhere from $120 to around $250. 

Here at Pittsburgh Radon Pros, we do charge a couple extra dollars to test your home for radon. However, you can be sure of a professional and safe service from us. You can find out our very fair and affordable rate when you give us on (412) 900-0910!

How Do we test for Radon In Pittsburgh Pa?

Here at Pittsburgh radon Pros, our radon testing process is a very seamless one. Here is how we conduct Pittsburgh radon testing  in five easy steps.

Step 1: 

You fill out a form on our website or give us a call to on (412) 900-0910 request a Free Estimate.

Step 2:

We will give you a Free Estimate and set up an in-person consultation at your home in 24 hours.​

Step 3: 

Our Pa Certified Radon Mitigators, will be at your home to carry out a test. They’ll go through your home and show you potential spots where radon could be entering your home. Our specialist will proceed to set up a CRM, or “Continuous Radon Monitor”, in your home. This will continuously take the level of radon concentration in your home for a few days

Step 4: 

After the testing is complete, We will proceed to determine if radon mitigation is necessary. We also offer further, even more accurate, retesting options if you would like to know the radon gas levels of your home over a longer period of time.

Step 5: 

If we agree and decide to have radon mitigation or radon reduction done, Certified Radon Mitigation Contractors,  will walk you through the steps needed for it. Find out more about Radon Mitigation here

Step 6: 

You, your health, and your family will be perfectly safe from radon. You can breathe, sleep, and live peacefully in your home, knowing it is radon free!


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